Flower Colours

    * the codes next to the flower colours are the colour codes from the Royal Horticultural Society mini colour chart

Colours may still be selectable at the checkout so please check availability before ordering to avoid disappointment

11 White RHS N999D White (RHS-N999D) Available March – July

12 Cream - RHS 155A Cream (RHS-155A) Available March – July                                                 

 1 AB Pk - RHS 68C on N999D Winter Apple Blossom (RHS-68C on N999D) Mar- May Apple Blossom New Spring Apple Blossom Available May – July

5 Light Pink - RHS N57D Light Pink (RHS-N57D) Available March – July

2 Deep Pink - RHS 67A Deep Pink (RHS-67A) Available March – July

3 Hot Pink - RHS 52A Hot Pink (RHS-52A) Available May – July

10 Red - RHS 53A Red (RHS-53A) Available May – July

6 Maroon - RHS 59A Maroon (RHS-59A) Available May – July

4 Lavender - RHS N82D Lavender (RHS-N82D) Available March – July

14 Dark Mauve - RHS 83A Dark Mauve (RHS-83A) March – May

9 Purple - RHS 93A Purple (RHS-93A) Available May – July