Q. How are our flowers sent?

A. We send your flowers using either a ‘drypack’ box (flowers not packed in water) , or a wetpack box (flowers packed in water). The type of box we use depends on which courier company we are using for your delivery.

Q. When are our crops grown?

A. Our crops are grown in their natural season, so certain colours are sometimes not available and our flowers are usually only available between February and July.

Q. I want more flowers?

A. Just increase the number of boxes you order.

Q. I want to place a large order?

A. For large orders (1000 stems or more) call or email for special price rates.

Q. What time will the courier deliver my flowers?

A. The courier service will usually deliver during normal business hours – 8am to 5.30pm. Fridays are very busy days for couriers, so it can be a little later on that day.

Q. What length will the stems be on my Sweet Peas?

A. The stem length of our Sweet Peas (the overall length of the flower from end to end) will vary according to time of the season, the growing temperature, and the stage of development of the plant. All our 1st Grade stems have a minimum length of 34cms (just over 13”), but more usually 40 – 45cms

Q. Why have you taken the tendrils off ?

A. We are sometimes asked if we can ‘leave the tendrils on’. But the tendrils grow at the ends of the leaves on the plant, not on the flower stems.

Q. How long will my flowers last ?

A. All our flowers are treated with a safe long-life flower food, but how long they last will depend on what temperature they are kept at and how clean the vase water is. As a guide, the supermarkets we supply guarantee a five day life for Sweet Peas, but they can last for 3 weeks in a cool environment and suffer greatly if left in a hot sunny room in the middle of summer.

Q. Why are the tops of my flowers curled over?

A. If you are not familiar with Sweet Peas, it is good to remember that the tops of the flower stems will naturally be curled over if there are still immature flowers at the top of the stem – it doesn’t mean the flowers are wilting.

Q. Why haven’t you got any yellow ones ?

A. Sorry, the standard cut flower Sweet Pea does not produce any yellow flowers.

Q. Is your nursery open to the public ?

A. We are very busy cutting and bunching flowers and looking after the plants, so we apologise that the nursery is not open to visitors except for the collection of flowers which have already been ordered and paid for on this website.

Q. If I place an order for a certain colour, and at the last minute you cannot supply this colour, what happens?

A. As there may be a time delay between your order being received on the website and the actual harvesting and packing of your flowers, it is possible we may find at the time of dispatch that we cannot fulfil your exact order. For example, there may be an unexpected shortage of a particular colour, or our strict quality standards cannot be met. In these cases we will substitute using the most appropriate close alternative wherever possible. If no close alternative is available we will contact you by phone or email so you can change or cancel your order. If you are not prepared to accept any slight colour substitution, please write this in the comment box at the checkout.