Wild Sweet Peas

This is a picture sent to us by Liz, a friend of Sweet Peas Direct, of her wild sweet peas growing in her olive grove in Monterrosso, Andalucia!

Liz Wild Sweet Peas


Our Sweet Peas vs Other Sweet Peas

Just had a photo sent to us from a florist comparing our sweet peas to the sweet peas she purchases from the market that aren’t British grown! Ours are the ones on the left!

Firenza Floral Design Picture



Spring Sweet Peas – Update!

Sweet Peas sure grow quick!

Its been approximately 2 weeks since we blogged the first pictures of our sweet peas spring crop when the first flowers were showing, since then they’ve grown a lot and there are many more flowers!


White Sweet Peas


Lavender Sweet Peas


Peach Sweet Peas


Purple Sweet Peas


Hot Pink Sweet Peas




Spring Sweet Peas

The first full Sweet Pea flowers are showing on our spring crop! 

We’ve been eagerly watching them grow awaiting for the moment they show their first flowers, and its finally happening!

The spring crop will have a stronger scent and a wider selection of colour shades than our winter crop, with additions such as Hot Pink, Mid Blue, Maroon and Red. You can see the colours on our flower colours page.







Hot pink showing the first signs of flowers








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