Our Vision

Our mission is to grow and bring to you the most beautiful sweet peas, whose colour and scent will inspire and enhance your world.  These flowers will lift your spirits and their intoxicating fragrance will put a smile on your face and fill your house with happiness.  We would like to deliver to your door, or almost any door in England, an exquisite selection of cut Sweet Peas in varied shades and hues to suit your mood.

We want to share with you our love for this charming flower.  From its humble origins in the fields of Sicily, it has come many miles since its discovery by Sicilian monk, Francisco Cupani , nearly three hundred years ago.

The Sweet Pea is a faithful constant of English gardens;   immortalised by Keats, who felt moved to write a poem about it, the Sweet Pea was also celebrated by the Victorians for its heady perfume and used as a cut flower in coursages and boutonnières.   It was later claimed by the Edwardians who hailed it the floral emblem of Edwardian England and favoured it for weddings and high society dinner parties.

In the language of flowers, the Sweet Pea means ‘delicate or blissful pleasure’.  Its meaning is also synonymous with ‘thank you for a lovely time’.

The Sweet Pea is a flower with a story which has captivated our imagination and our senses and one which we would like to share with you.