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About Greenlines Nursery and Sweet Peas

Greenlines Nursery has been growing Sweet Peas for 30 years. It was originally a mixed cut flower and foliage nursery growing a range of crops, but over the years the range of flowers has steadily reduced and recently the nursery has concentrated on just growing Sweet Peas.

Although a relatively small nursery, Greenlines Nursery is by far the largest grower of Sweet Peas in the UK, producing over 1 million stems each season in glasshouses. As well as the long established wholesale market trade, Greenlines Nursery is also the sole supplier of Sweet Peas for one of the major UK supermarkets, Waitrose. The business is Leaf accredited which means that we are audited annually for adherence to strict environmental, safety and welfare standards.

Sweet Peas are a very unusual and demanding crop to grow. The crop needs a lengthy growing season to ensure a quality product, and its requirement to be grown as a cordon crop (grown in rows like tomatoes) means it is unlike any other glasshouse flower crop.

The crop is very influenced by changes in the weather. A period of warm sunny weather can result in an enormous number of flowers opening in just a few days; conversely cold dull weather can cause the crop almost to stop flowering. All the Sweet Peas offered on this website are grown in their natural season in our own nursery – we don’t buy in imported flowers.

The nursery maintains its own stocks of home-grown seed bred from parent lines over many years. These are regularly reselected to improve their quality, scent, colour and appearance. All our flowers have good scent, but we are sometimes asked for the very old fashioned varieties which some consider to have the best scent – unfortunately these do not travel well and have a very short vase life.